10. Contact

Hi, I’m Tim Bielawa, the bitmath maintainer. Would you like to get in touch? Maybe you want to peek at other stuff I’m working on? Go right ahead:


I maintain a blog which mostly covers technical problems I encounter that I think are interesting and how I solved them. Lots of rich commentary and details included!

Open Source

Almost every project I work on, code or not, ends up on GitHub eventually. You can see what else I’ve been busy with on my profile.


I have been known to tweet from time to time.


All contributions related directly to the bitmath project, i.e. bug reports or feature requests, should be posted to the project issue tracker on GitHub. Please see the Contributing section for more information.

Saying hello

I’m on the freenode IRC network Monday through Friday, from around 9am EST through 5pm EST.

  • Issue a /who tbielawa* command to the server, a handle with the netmask ~tbielawa@redhat/tbielawa will appear for you to /query if I’m online.
If you want to contact me directly, clone the project and look at any of my bitmath commits to find my email address.