9.1. bitmath-1.3.0-1

bitmath-1.3.0-1 was published on 2016-01-08.

9.1.1. Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Closed GitHub Issue #55 “best_prefix for negative values”. Now bitmath.best_prefix() returns correct prefix units for negative values. Thanks mbdm!

9.2. bitmath-1.2.4-1

bitmath-1.2.4-1 was published on 2015-11-30.

9.2.1. Changes

Added Functionality

Bug Fixes

9.2.2. Documentation

  • The project documentation is now installed along with the bitmath library in RPM packages.

9.2.3. Project


Look for separate python3.x and python2.x packages coming soon to Fedora and EPEL. This is happening because of the initiative to update the base Python implementation on Fedora to Python 3.x

9.3. bitmath-1.2.3-1

bitmath-1.2.3-1 was published on 2015-01-03.

9.3.1. Changes

Added Functionality

9.3.2. Documentation

  • The command-line bitmath tool now has online documentation
  • A full demo of the argparse and progressbar integrations has been written. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive demonstration of the full capabilities of the bitmath library. View it in the Real Life Demos Creating Download Progress Bars example.

9.3.3. Project


  • Travis-CI had some issues with installing dependencies for the 3.x build unittests. These were fixed and the build status has returned back to normal.

9.4. bitmath-1.2.0-1

bitmath-1.2.0-1 was published on 2014-12-29.

9.4.1. Changes

Added Functionality

  • New utility: argparse integration: bitmath.BitmathType. Allows you to specify arguments as bitmath types.

9.4.2. Documentation

9.4.3. Project


  • The command-line bitmath tool is now properly unittested. Code coverage back to ~100%.

9.5. bitmath-1.1.0-1

bitmath-1.1.0-1 was published on 2014-12-20.

9.5.1. Changes

Added Functionality

9.6. bitmath-1.0.5-1 through 1.0.8-1

bitmath-1.0.8-1 was published on 2014-08-14.

9.6.1. Major Updates

9.6.2. Bug Fixes

9.6.3. Changes

Added Functionality

9.6.4. Project


  • Test suite is now implemented using Python virtualenv’s for consistency across across platforms
  • Test suite now contains 150 unit tests. This is 110 more tests than the previous major release (1.0.4-1)
  • Test suite now runs on EPEL6 and EPEL7
  • Code coverage is stable around 95-100%

9.7. bitmath-1.0.4-1

This is the first release of bitmath. bitmath-1.0.4-1 was published on 2014-03-20.

9.7.1. Project

Available via:

bitmath had been under development for 12 days when the 1.0.4-1 release was made available.

9.7.2. Debut Functionality

  • Converting between SI and NIST prefix units (GiB to kB)
  • Converting between units of the same type (SI to SI, or NIST to NIST)
  • Basic arithmetic operations (subtracting 42KiB from 50GiB)
  • Rich comparison operations (1024 Bytes == 1KiB)
  • Sorting
  • Useful console and print representations