8.1. bitmath-1.1.0-1

bitmath-1.1.0-1 was published on 2014-12-20.

8.1.1. Changes

Added Functionality

8.2. bitmath-1.0.5-1 through 1.0.8-1

bitmath-1.0.8-1 was published on 2014-08-14.

8.2.1. Major Updates

8.2.2. Bug Fixes

8.2.3. Changes

Added Functionality

8.2.4. Project


  • Test suite is now implemented using Python virtualenv’s for consistency across across platforms
  • Test suite now contains 150 unit tests. This is 110 more tests than the previous major release (1.0.4-1)
  • Test suite now runs on EPEL6 and EPEL7
  • Code coverage is stable around 95-100%

8.3. bitmath-1.0.4-1

This is the first release of bitmath. bitmath-1.0.4-1 was published on 2014-03-20.

8.3.1. Project

Available via:

bitmath had been under development for 12 days when the 1.0.4-1 release was made available.

8.3.2. Debut Functionality

  • Converting between SI and NIST prefix units (GiB to kB)
  • Converting between units of the same type (SI to SI, or NIST to NIST)
  • Basic arithmetic operations (subtracting 42KiB from 50GiB)
  • Rich comparison operations (1024 Bytes == 1KiB)
  • Sorting
  • Useful console and print representations